Joe Haden thinks Chase Claypool will be a problem for opponents

Steelers cornerback Joe Haden has matched up with a lot of receivers over the course of a decade in the NFL and he thinks one of his new teammates is going to be a good one.

Haden has spent some time facing off with second-round pick Chase Claypool in training camp practices, including a back shoulder fade that Haden thought he was in position to stop. Haden said he was “underneath” the rookie, but Claypool “didn’t let me knock it out” and came down with the ball for a clean catch.

That play and a handful of others have left Haden with a positive view of what Claypool will be able to do against opposing defenses this season.

“It wasn’t even just that play,” Haden said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He’s had a couple plays against me this camp. I’ve lined up against him often. He’s a big, fast receiver who’s able to adjust to the ball in the air. He hasn’t shown me anything too bad. . . . As long as he keeps healthy, I think he’s going to be a problem.”

Claypool had 13 touchdowns for Notre Dame last season and that suggests he could be a particular problem to opposing defenses in the red zone. If that’s the case, no one in Pittsburgh is likely to have a problem with the rookie.