Unrest in Amersfoort and Utrecht; one arrest

The municipalities of Amersfoort and Utrecht implemented emergency decrees due to unrest in the cities overnight. The decrees gave police officers more powers to intervene – to send people away or arrest them. One person was arrested in Amersfoort, RTL Nieuws reports.

Posts on social media alerted the police that there may be unrest in Utrecht overnight, a police spokesperson said to RTL. Young people gathered in the Zuilen, Hoograven and Ondiep neighborhoods and the riot police were eventually deployed.

The police were pelted with fireworks and stones, the municipality of Utrecht said on Twitter. Emergency decrees were issued due to these serious disturbances.

Things have been restless in Utrecht for a few days. On Friday evening, 18 people were arrested in the Kanaleneiland district, prompting mayor Peter den Oudsten to cut his holiday short and return to the city. On Saturday night, young people threw fireworks and stones at police officers in the Overvecht district, injuring one officer. 25 people were arrested.

In Amersfoort, the mayor issued an emergency decree after young people started gathering near the statue De Stier in the city. “If you live in the area, please stay indoors, if you don’t live in the area, we ask you to leave,” the municipality of Amersfoort said.

A spokesperson for the municipality told RTL that the police had enough people on site to clear the area. One person was arrested.