Jim Schwartz: Derek Barnett’s injuries are unrelated to his size

Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett has had multiple injuries during his four-year career. He now has another one.

So does his durability have anything to do with his 259-pound frame? Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz addressed that question in a Tuesday press conference with reporters.

“I think the injuries he’s had are not related to [his size],” Schwartz said. “I have had a lot of really big guys that have had injuries there too. It’s a physical game. It’s a physical position. Defensive tackle and defensive end, I think are the only positions that make contact with somebody on every single play. I mean, you can be an offensive guard and it’s pass protection and there’s nobody over you and you can just sit there and you might not have contact with somebody. But defensive tackles and defensive ends take a load every play, whether you’re 350 pounds or 250 pounds, there’s a toll that comes and Derek plays so hard and plays so wide open, he doesn’t take any plays off. . . . I still am very pleased with where Derek is, and I think he’s going to have an outstanding year this year.”

Barnett currently is week-to-week with an ankle injury. The Eagles hope he’ll be ready to go for the regular-season opener against Washington.

Barnett has 14.0 regular-season sacks in 35 regular-season games, with 20 starts.