Baby found dead in Amsterdam home; Police investigating

The police found the body of a baby in a home on Hagenau in Amsterdam Noord early on Monday morning. A woman, who appeared to be in a disturbed state, was arrested, the police said.

During the early hours of Monday morning, the police responded to a report of a woman showing disturbed behavior in a home with several children. A negotiator and a SWAT team were also deployed to the scene.

The SWAT team arrested the woman and took her to hospital. In the house, the police found two children and the body of a baby..

“What happened in the house or what the cause of [the baby’s] death is, is still very unclear. At the moment we can therefore not provide more information,” the police said. “At the moment, all attention is focused on arranging proper shelter and care for the remaining children.”

The police are investigating what happened. A forensic investigation was also done at the home.